Stud Walls / Partitioning


“Stud Walls and partitioning can be used to add/create extra rooms in your current available place/property”


Stud Walls and partitioning to extend or create extra rooms in your current available place/property. At Alkimos Ceilings And Walls we will provide a complete floor plan with POC’s (Proof of Concepts) diagrams if any project is complex.

Stud Walls

If you need assistance in installation, construction or repairs of stud walls and stud wall framing, Alkimos Ceilings and Walls is the right choice for you. We build durable walls for clients throughout Perth, that involve load bearing or non-load bearing frames for construction.

Our team of experienced tradesmen will visit your property and note your entire requirements and will implement it exactly according to your needs and specifications. It is important to identify stud wall installation stresses to ensure that any certain amount of weight will not affect the structure.

Wall Partitions

If you are looking to change your existing layout to create a new floor plan or an entirely new wall partition installation, we provide a range of services in building brick walls, wall partitions and dry walls in commercial, housing and industrialised properties. The demand of commercial and domestic partitions has rapidly increased in the last decade.  Alkimos Celings and Walls offer partition systems exclusively designed to offer maximum suppleness and allowing clients to revolutionise their work space in an affordable time frame and cost. With ACW, You can select from a variety of stylish designs to enhance your office, shop or residential area. We provide our office partitioning services throughout Perth, Western Australia.


Office Partition Features

At ACW, our tradesmen are always ready to provide state-of-the-art specialised solutions for you including;

* Designed for ease of fitting/installation

* A wide range of resources and accessories for swift installations

* Wide variety of stud/metal walls sizes and plasterboard options

* Immediate service delivery with quality assurance

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