Insurance Repairs


We are always ready for any situation that may unfold with our network of trained builders, contractors and specially trained team members. Our teams are ready 24/7 to help in Day to Day accidents through Natural Disasters or any Catastrophic Situation.

With our network of trained builders, contractors and specially trained team members, we are always ready for any situation that may unfold. Our teams are ready 24/7 to help with day to day accidents through to natural disasters or any catastrophic situation. 

ACW provides outstanding customer service and attention in difficult situations.  

Customer satisfaction is top on our priority list.  

 Insurance Repair Services include: 

  • Temporary supports or props

  • Securing and fencing off unsafe parts of the property

  • Securing damaged doors and windows 

  • Demolition 

  • Ceiling and roof repairs.

  • Wall repairs

  • Painting repairs

  • Carpentry repairs

Our experienced team guarantees that all maintenance and refurbishments on all projects we undertake are approached with great detail and care. 

Before/After Service Reports & Valuation 

At ACW we have many years of experience in providing Before/After Service Reports & Valuation for a varied group of insurance clients.  

We treat every project differently, with each and every project nature and scope reflecting a different outcome.

With each client’s differing needs, our awareness has grown of the commonalities and the specific requirements of each type of report, allowing us to tailor-make our assessment and reporting packages specifically to each client’s request. 

Special Service Reports 

Common areas where we provide Specialist Reports include:

  • Ceiling repair reports

  • Floor and wall damaged reports 

  • Maintenance issue reports 

  • Fire damage reports

  • Water damage insurance claim reports

  • Landlord and letting agents inspection reports

  • Risk Identification Reports

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