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“We understand the frustration caused by ceiling damage”

Ceiling Repairs in Perth , ceiling repairs perth northern suburbs

We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by ceiling damage. Whether the damage is due to storm, aging, or accidental, we can always help you out in repairing. Our experts make sure that the ceiling is made safe by repairing it with a flawless finish and complete it with a professional paint job. We will ALWAYS make it a smooth experience for you.

The most common type of water damage is leakage from a damaged roof section which is usually caused by storm damage. We will inspect your roof and roof cavity with a no obligation quote to discover the problem. We guarantee our work and give you an accurate quotation for the quality job.

We will come to your property to asses your sagging / damaged ceiling and prop it.  We can also advise on insurance before you make any decision on what to do next. We are committed to see how we can quickly help you in resolving your problem.

Whether a home was built 5 years ago or 20 years ago, all homes need maintenance. Cracked walls, sagging roofs and wear and tear are common difficulties faced by all homeowners. Just like a vehicle, your home or office requires care through maintenance services, to ensure it is not only just looking great but also not causing any hazards to safety. ACW works exactly with the same approach.

It could be repairs to sagging ceilings, water damaged ceilings, minor and major ceiling cracks to new ceiling installation or replacement and anything that is causing trouble to the ceiling. We are your one stop solution!

ACW offer Ceiling Repair Services in the following categories:

* Plaster glass and Gyprock Ceilings

* Emergency make safes

* Gyprock & Plastering

* Crack repairs

* Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs

* Plasterboard ceilings

* Replace ceiling panels in drop ceilings

* Plaster glass ceilings

* Eves and facades

* Repair cornices

* Bulkheads

* Patch holes in plaster

* Coffered ceilings

* Remove popcorn ceilings – non asbestos materials

* Raked ceilings

* Repair and replace soffit or plaster board under eaves

* Light troughs

* Repainting Ceilings

For further information and enquiry – Contact us here or Call now at 0405343823 or 95624304. You can also contact us by email: enquiry@alkimosceilings.com.au


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