The Benefits 0f Using Metal Studs in Wall Partitioning & Ceiling Systems

The world of construction can be a little confusing for people at times. With all sorts of different terminology being used for example plasterboard systems, partitioning, metal stud systems, ceiling systems,Acoustic and fire rated wall systems, plasterboard partitions, it can sometimes feel impossible to know were to start.

We can start with one area of expertise – metal stud systems. I get asked the question on site all the time “are you using timber or metal for your framework?” well the answer is metal 100% here’s why.

Durability and Strength

Steel studs offer significant advantages to both home owners, builders and consumers. Steel studs are strong, lightweight, Steel stud walls are straight, with square corners, the biggest advantage is they eliminate pops in drywall. This eliminates costly callbacks and adjustments.

Lower Insurance premium Benefits

Healthier living – non toxic, no waste, allergy free and its also recyclable, its also a highly durable material which eliminates bowing – no jamming doors and windows, no wavy walls or saggy ceilings, its does not burn, fire retardant, withstands higher winds, LOWER INSURANCE PREMIUMS.

Fire Safety And Termite Protection

Steel framing is non-combustible compared to wood offering a higher degree of safety. Termites don’t eat steel but they have been attributed to the destruction of many homes.

Benefits During the Construction Process

There are also many benefits when it comes to the assembly and construction process. In many cases labor time is shortened. Plasterboard screws are used when hanging drywall rather than plasterboard nails, which results in easier taping and flushing, and eliminates nail pops and the repairs that occur. Simply put, metal framing offers more advantages than conventional timber framing.


Client: BLOG
Location: PERTH
Completed: MARCH 2016

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