Stop your plasterboard ceilings or walls becoming mouldy by using mould resistant plasterboard.

Contracting a ceiling repair specialist or wall repair specialist isn’t something you want to do, if you can firstly prevent this situation from the start.

Whether it’s storm damage, water damage, or flooding you probably already aware how badly standard plasterboard can be easily damaged.Creating serious mould problems. Mould is a serious and deadly problem and could result in some cases death.

We at Alkimos can prevent all such causes firstly by using a top quality mould resistant plasterboard tested to prevent the build up. Secondly, if your plasterboard has already suffered mould damage, there are two options.

1: We can send one of specialists over to asses the damage, if we find it is only surface mould we can rectify the problem instantly.

2: If we find that the mould has penetrated through the board we can advise and quote on cutting out sections and bringing the board back to its former glory.

What is mould-resistant plasterboard?
Regular plasterboard contains some amount of moisture, but not enough to outright cause problems with mould. To reach that point, it needs to get wet, though not very much, for mould to colonise and spread, often through the paper coating. By comparison, mould-resistant drywall is paper-free, to keep mould from having a place it can get a foothold. It also is more resistant to moisture, though it’s not fully waterproof, so it soaks up less moisture, making a less habitable environment for mould and mildew.

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Where should I use it?

Mould resistant plasterboard should be using in places were mould may be a problem, for example bathrooms, garages, kitchens, basements. Other areas may be places were moisture could also form such as, laundries and powder rooms.





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